Georges  Kazazian
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:: Music for films ::
Music for films*

*The Egyptian Museum 1979 M.Islam
*Temples Of Upper Egypt 1979 M.Islam
*The Citadel 1979 M.Islam
*Ramses The Second Shadi Abdel Salam 1980
*Before The Pyramids Shadi Abdel Salam 1981
*The Third Circle M Zakaria 1988
*Love Dance* Ihab Shaker 1992
*Silent Dialoge* Ali El Ghazouli 1999
*Les hommes oublies de la vallee des Rois*Jerome Prieur France 2002*

*The minstry of culture of RA* Yerenan 2008

Feature films*

*Hunger* Ali Badrakhan 1985
*Kaher El Zaman* Kamal El Sheikh 1986
*Wife Of An Important Man* Mohamad Khan 1988
*The Lady Of Cairo* Moumen El Semehi 1991
*Extract Of The Album Sabil In Ruis Blas By Jean Claude Carriere .
France 2003*

:: Music ::

jadis ( sajaya



lama bada


la danse du vent

amouaje 3'33

rakssat al hawa

sheesha jazz---meeting by the nile

reflets sur seine--city view project